Picture Homes

About Us

Builders Story

In 1969, Louis Stein was a successful real estate broker with an established and thriving agency. He decided to pursue the new home construction industry when he purchased development lots outside the GTA and started Picture Homes Development Inc.

Some of Picture Homes’ first communities were in the Whitby and Port Perry areas. In 2000 sadly Louis passed away and his son Marty Stein continued with the company alongside his two partners Lorne Stein and Tony Iordanis.

With decades of experience, Picture Homes is a second-generation family business that is known for great quality homes at a fair price.

At Picture Homes, we’ve been around long enough to know something about value—we’re award-winning builders of brand new family homes with extra quality and value “built-in”! Great design, superior quality, exceptional value and unmatched after-sales service have been the four cornerstones of our success. Our family builds for your family, and that personal pride in our work is just one reason why we have an excellent reputation with the Tarion Warranty Corporation, with an enviable track record for customer satisfaction in after-sales service.

With more than 40 years of experience building in fine communities across southern Ontario, we want every one of our residents to feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth—and then some!

Picture Homes, your trusted new home builder in Peterborough, Bowmanville and Port Perry.

Customer Service

We take pride in our Customer Service. Please help us help you by sending in your Tarion 30 day and your 1 Year Forms as required.

Non-Emergency Warranty Service

For non-emergency warranty service please submit your 30-day 1-year and your 2-year Tarion Forms to us by mail or email our Customer Service Department as well as Tarion.

For any other questions or concerns please email our Customer Service Department.

During the First year you will have two opportunities to report any concerns or issues to our Customer Service Department. The 1st opportunity is the 30-day Form. This must be submitted to us and Tarion no later than 30 days after possession. The 2nd opportunity is the 1-Year Form, this must be submitted to us and Tarion no later than 1 Year after possession. You will have one more opportunity in the 2nd year to send in your 2-Year Tarion Form. For 2nd year warrantable items please refer to your Homeowners Information Package. This 2nd year form must be submitted to us and Tarion no later than 2 years after possession.

Exceptions to the Statutory Warranty Process


Certain severe conditions constitute an emergency situation. An emergency is any warrantable deficiency within the control of your builder that, if not attended to immediately, would likely result in imminent and substantial damage to your home, or would likely represent an imminent and substantial risk to the health and safety of its occupants. Examples of emergency situations include:

  1. Total loss of heat between September 15 and May 15.
  2. Gas leak
  3. Total loss of electricity*
  4. Total loss of water supply*
  5. Total sewage stoppage*
  6. Plumbing leakage that requires complete water shut-off
  7. Major collapse of any part of the home’s exterior or interior structure
  8. Major water penetration on the interior walls or ceiling
  9. A large pool of standing water inside the home
  10. Any situation where, in the opinion of Tarion, the home is uninhabitable for health or safety reasons.
  11. During this period, it is important that you provide your builder and their trades people access to your home.

What To Do In An Emergency Situation

There are a few things you must do to protect your home’s statutory warranty. Doing so will help ensure that you have a successful new home experience and failing to do so could put your home’s statutory warranty in jeopardy. To protect your home’s statutory warranty:

  1. You should immediately call the emergency contact number provided by your builder when you received this booklet. See Contact Page for more information.
  2. If you are unable to reach your builder or if your builder does not assess and correct the situation within 24 hours, you should contact us at 1-877-9TARION (1-877-982-7466) for further assistance.
  3. If you cannot reach your builder or Tarion, and have no other option but to have the work completed, you or your contractors should correct the situation. However, only the emergency condition should be corrected and the problem should be documented with pictures taken before and after the repair, if possible.
  4. You should not repair any damage to builder-installed materials caused by the emergency condition within 30 days. If your builder fails to do so, we will work with you directly to settle the matter.
  5. To recover costs for the circumstances set out in item 3 above, you will need to submit an EMERGENCY FORM to us and your builder as soon as possible after completing the repair. This Form is available by contacting us. Apart from taking steps to protect your property, you should not undertake any repair work without giving your builder 24 hours to assess the problem and take corrective measures. You will not automatically receive reimbursement for emergency repairs, and, in addition, completing the work without an assessment by your builder may jeopardize your statutory warranty coverage.